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A few years ago, I got involved in the wheelchair transportation business because I realized a need for it.

Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. I began to pick up customers, and they began to tell me the plight that they are in as wheelchair- bound person. Some would say to me that they have no relatives, they live alone no one to help take care of them. Some would wait at the airport for several hours to be picked up after a long flight, simply because there’s no one available to pick them up. Some cannot go to family gathering, such as Christmas, and Thanksgiving dinner because of a lack of the drivers.

Those stories really touched me to the point I almost cried a few times. But I held back on my tears because I didn’t want to look like a softy or unprofessional. However, I was really able to sympathize with them because my mother is also disabled. She cannot even walk to the bus stop anymore even though she has a cane. But the only difference is that my mother has her family to take her to places when she wants to.

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After hearing these sad and unfortunate stories, I became a different driver, my whole perspective about the business has changed. I went from a MONEY DRIVEN driver to a SERVICE DRIVEN driver. I realized that I suddenly found my passion. I look forward to picking up someone and drop them off to a desired destination. I have never done anything that is so fulfilling and rewarding. At first, I used to get up in the morning ready to chase money, but now I get up in the morning with a sense of purpose, excited and ready to go to work because I can’t wait to go make somebody’s day.

My ultimate goal with the WHEELCHAIR PROJECT is to have enough cars and drivers to pick up anyone anywhere to any destination, while maintaining a NOONE LEFT IMMOBILE attitude.

5 % discounts for a long-distance round-trip

Jolibel Wheelchair Transportation: offers escorts ( if you need a caregiver, CNA) to accompany your family member to the doctor's or any other location we offer this service
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