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Jolibel Wheelchair Services

Wheelchair Taxi Services in Florida

Experience Safe and Comfortable Wheelchair Taxi Services in Florida. Jolibel offers specialized transportation focusing on accessibility, comfort, and punctuality. Our dedicated team ensures safe and timely transport for all your needs.

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We are available 24/7 to provide you with wheelchair taxi services that matches your needs.

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Our drivers are highly professional and trained to drive you safely at your location.

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Jolibel Wheelchair Services booking process is easy and we cater your needs in no time.

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A few years ago, I got involved in the wheelchair transportation business because I realized a need for it.

What awaited me was completely unknown to me. I began to pick up customers, and they began to tell me the plight that they are in as wheelchair-bound people. Some people have told me they don’t have any family, they live alone, and nobody is there to help take care of them.

Some would wait at the airport for several hours to be picked up after a long flight, simply because there’s no one available to pick them up. Some cannot go to family gathering, such as Christmas, and Thanksgiving dinner because of a lack of drivers.

Those stories really touched me to the point I almost cried a few times. But I held back my tears because I didn’t want to look like a softy or unprofessional. However, I was really able to sympathize with them because my mother is also disabled.

She cannot even walk to the bus stop anymore even though she has a cane. But the only difference is that my mother has her family to take her to places when she wants to.

Affordable Wheelchair Transportation & Taxi Service

Jolibel Wheelchair Taxi is dedicated to offering accessible wheelchair transportation and taxi services to people with impairments. Our wheelchair cab service is made to accommodate the requirements of wheelchair users, ensuring that they can get to their destination safely and comfortably. 

Our fleet of wheelchair-accessible taxi services is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and safety measures to provide our customers with the best quality of service. Our drivers are trained to give courteous, helpful, and professional service and are always happy to assist our passengers in any way they can.

At Jolibel Wheelchair Taxi, we are committed to giving our customers a dependable and accessible solution for their transportation needs since we recognize how important transportation is to day-to-day living. Whether you need to get to a doctor’s appointment, attend a social event, or run errands, we are here to help. 

We believe everyone deserves access to affordable wheelchair taxi services and strive to make our services as accessible as possible. We’re focused on providing a comfortable and safe ride, ensuring you consistently reach your destination on time.


Wheelchair Services

We provide an extensive range of wheelchair taxi services to keep you going. Please take a look and check what we have for you.
Wheelchair Taxi Services

Finest Wheelchair Taxi Services

Seeking a reliable company for wheelchair taxi services in Palm Beach County? Your search ends here. Our Services offers the finest services in your area.
wheelchair transportation

Airport Wheelchair Transportation

Do you need assistance getting a senior, wheelchair-bound, or temporarily immobile relative to and from the airport? Are you worried that a regular taxi driver won't have...
Wheelchair Taxi Services

Wheelchair Taxi Services

A Palm Beach County wheelchair taxi is required. Trust us; we are aware of the frustrations associated with relying on others. That usually happens, so don't be alarmed. Jolibel is aware of how annoying...

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We are the only company offering wheelchair Services Taxi in Palm Beach County. We Service people on mobility Reduit. When you forget to call your transportation services for a reservation, sometimes your insurance is canceled, or you didn’t schedule, or they give 5-minute waiting times after your trip will be canceled.

Jolibel wheelchair, offers private services, like making reservations. On your own time. It is hard when you have money in your hand and can’t get service. We don’t share rides.

Please remember Wheelchair Taxi is different from other Taxi companies. For our safety and the customers. We do not provide a Wheelchair to any customer. We are only Pick-up customers who have is own wheelchair. Call us if you want more information at 888-885-9013 or 561-252-7395


Satisfied Clients

We take pride in the reputation we have earned throughout the years. We owe this credit to our clients for always trusting us with their choices. See what they say about us.

Sasha Bergman
Sasha Bergman

I was having difficulty making it to my doctor's appointments. I wouldn't say I liked having to beg my family and friends to take me since I am in a wheelchair. These gentlemen were mentioned to me by someone. They were fantastic when I tried them for the first time a few days ago. They arrived on schedule, and the driver was friendly and accommodating. It is such a relief to know that they can drive me to my appointments.

John Levy
John Levy

We have experienced a sense of comfort in not having to transfer my dad from his wheelchair to the car. His dialysis appointments are highly dependable. Additionally, always accommodating a last-minute vacation.

Bill Grey
Bill Grey

Excellent service, punctual arrival and departure, and incredibly friendly. I wholeheartedly endorse them.


I'll utilize this service whenever I need to move my mum. Thank you so much; great work, guys. Took the pressure off of my family and me.


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5 % discounts for a long-distance round-trip

Jolibel Wheelchair Transportation: offers escorts ( if you need a caregiver, CNA) to accompany your family member to the doctor's or any other location we offer this service
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